Overall, 84 companies in the fields of IT&C, outsourcing and BPO signed office rentals in Romania, and nearly three quarters (59 companies) have chosen Bucharest. 20 companies have renewed their contracts for the existing spaces.

A slight increase compared to 2015 could be noticed, considering only 47 pct. of the transactions (rentals and pre-leasing) were signed by this type of companies.

„The companies where technology has a word to say and which are hiring young people, in IT&C, outsourcing and BPO, are the most active on the office market and continue to expand, both in Bucharest and other university cities: Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara and Brașov. In 2016, although involving smaller number of transactions (25 compared to 59), the cities outside Bucharest have attracted a total transacted area almost equal to the one transacted in Bucharest (60,000 m2 compared to 78,000 sqm). This was possible considering the fact that the average area transacted in such cities has doubled compared to Bucharest (2,500 m2 compared to 1,300 m2)”, has delcaredAlexandru Petrescu, Managing Partner la ESOP Consulting l CORFAC International.

Overall in 2016, 84 companies in the field of IT&C, outsourcing and BPO have rented offices, with area from 75 m2 to 13,000 m2 rented by Amazon in Iași. Most of the companies (54 out of 80) have rented offices below 1,000 m2.

As rented stock though, the segment of spaces between 3,000 and 5,000 m2 registered the largest transaction volume, nearly 46,000 m2, representing 33 pct of the total.
The rest of the segments registered shares between 15 and 18 pct.  Both rent transactions registered in this period with an area larger than 10,000 m2, excluding renewals, were signed outside Bucharest.

Favourite buildings by IT, BPO and outsourcing tenants
In Bucharest, most of the companies in the fields of IT&C, outsourcing and BPO have chosen very modern office buildings within new projects, in construction or ready to be delivered, such as Afi Park, Green Court, Oregon Park, Metroffice and Orhideea Towers. Other tenants have chosen though second generation office centres, very well situated such as Charles de Gaulle, America House, Europe House, Iride Park), recently released .

The projects which attracted the attention of a large number of tenants Green Court (eight transactions), AFI Park 4 and 5 (six trasnactions), Iride Business Park (four transactions), Oregon Park (two transactions), Sky Tower (two transactions).  Other quality offices chosen to host IT&C and outsourcing employees were Metroffice, Orhideea Towers, Polonă 68, Maria Rosetti Tower and Globalworth Tower.

Outside Bucharest, the companies in the fields of IT&C and outsourcing have chosen new office buildings, such as OpenVille, The Office, Palas Iași, Coresi Park and Liberty Technology Park. (source: Esop)