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Up to 10% of the Bucharest office buildings have bicycle parking

Owners of new office buildings in Bucharest align with the international trend of providing mobility for employees and include bicycle parking and changing rooms with showers. At European level, such facilities are to be included to the energy performance regulations of buildings.

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The number of green buildings developed in Romania in 2017 was over 40

More than 40 real estate projects, both new and existing, were certified in Romania in 2017, according to BuildGreen.

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The first three transactions in the real estate investment market amount to about 300 million euros in 2018

The first three deals amount to about 300 million euros. Sales focused on retail segments and office space. All three deals were signed in the second quarter of the year, revitalizing the market after rhythm was extremely slow in the first three months without significant investments, according to CBRE's market report.

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Romanian architects and facility managers celebrated together

On May 16th, the Global Facility Management Day, representatives of architects and facility managers in Romania attended together - for the first time in the country - a workshop dedicated to trends in workplace management and new ways of working.

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AFI Europe Romania Q1 2018 Financial Results: Net Operating Income (NOI) increased by 12% to EUR 13.6 million during first 3 months of 2018

AFI Europe Romania published its financial results; The Net Operating Income (NOI) from its income producing assets in Romania reached EUR 13.6 million during Q1 2018, representing 12% higher results compared to Q1 2017.

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How do leaders lead by influence

There can be no leadership without influence, because influencing, including through the power of example, is the way leaders lead. There is a profound difference between leadership and management. Both are important within an organization, but management is a process and can only be implemented on the basis of skills, while leadership has more of self-knowledge, self-management, self-development.

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“The content and brand recognition you create is the long-term lasting print of your property and what it does in its environment. It should be more unique, and instead of simply saying green energy and social responsibility, it should rather emphasize unique benefits, tenant relations or even event organization. Such characteristics produce a long-lasting brand recognition.” (Vincent Vallois – OnlineRealAssets.com)

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Date Business Center Tenant m2 Agency
2018 Q2 Unirii View Pernod Ricard Romania 600 Knight Frank Romania
2018 Q1 AFI Tech Park 1 Game World Group 2000
2018 Q1 AFI Tech Park 1 Quick Service Restaurant „1 Minute” 110
2018 Q1 AFI Tech Park 1 World Class 1500

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Recent office market sellings

Date Office Buyer m2 Agency
2017 Q4 Northgate Office Building One United Properties 25891 Creativ Invest Grup
2017 Q3 Coresi Business Park Immochan 40000 Ascenta Management
2017 Q3 Cascade Offices GTC 4300 Adval Properties
2017 Q3 Green Court Bucharest Globalworth 16300 Skanska Romania

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Green Building Certificates – BREEAM

BREEAM - BRE Environmental Assessment Method - was established in 1990 as a tool to measure the sustainability of new non-domestic buildings in the UK. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. A BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers, designers and building managers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their buildings to clients, planners and other initial parties The stages of assessment in which BREEAM schemes can currently be used to assess the environmental impacts arising as a result of an individual building development (including external site areas) are: - Design stage (leading to an interim certificate) - post Construction Stage (leading to a final certificate) - Operational Stage(BREEAM in use currently in development for international

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What is Lease transaction?

The lease transactions indicate the rents in quarterly cycles. Posting transactions is free of charge, but registration is necessary! The transactions appear in the transaction menu of the portal, in the office building section of the portal, in the office market information section as well as on the datasheet of the companies that are concerned with the relevant transaction.

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What does Virtual Office mean?

A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. Frequently the term is confused with “office business centers” or “executive suites” which demand a conventional lease whereas a true virtual office does not require that expense.

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