In Bucharest, in the first six months of 2014 the transactions totalized 132,009 sq. m, while outside Bucharest in H1 2014 offices were transacted totalizing 15,557 sq. m, with Timisoara in the first position (5,532 sq. m), followed by Cluj-Napoca (5,190 sq. m), according to data centralized by Esop, with the help of the Forum gathering the most important real estate consultancy companies in Romania.


Therefore, the market of the office spaces transacted outside Bucharest in the first semester of 2014 registered 60 pct. growth compared to the similar period of last year (when totalized 9,684 sq. m). The office rentals market also registered growth in Bucharest, from 103,450 sq. m in H1 2013 to 132,009 sq. m in H1 2014.


Change was also registered regarding the tenants’ interest for cities outside bucharest, most of them represented by IT&C or financial consulting companies: last year in the first place in H1 was Sibiu, followed by Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, but in 2014 Timisoara climbed on the first position, followed closely by Cluj-Napoca, while Sibiu is now out of the top. (Source: