"Medium companies continue to prefer the spaces in office buildings, segment which registered 82 pct of the tenants preferences, compared to approx. 70 pct registered for the entire year of 2013. The market has a good tonus, the medium companies are recovering, being most flexible un business decisions and acting first to the positive signs from the economy. As a result, companies have appeared which are looking to optimize the employees comfort and the company’s image and even if they are still maintaining certain budget limitations, the accent on the two selection criteria of the office space gives a positive sign on the market, improving the future’s perspectives", has declared Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop, a company mainly active on the segment of the office spaces for medium companies, Mediafax informs.


In the similar period of last year the medium companies rented approx. 31,000 sq. m. Esop has brokered the rental of 18,500 sq. m offices this year, with approx. 15 pct. increase compared to the first half of 2013. Nearly 60 pct. of this volume was represented by transactions below 1,000 sq. m, made by medium companies.


"We felt a more accentuated dynamics in the second quarter, when we rented an area with 67 pct. bigger than in the first quarter of this year. The top of the companies which transacted spaces included the construction and real estate companies, with 27 pct, occupying the first position (a positive sign, as the construction field was significantly affected by crises), followed by  personal services (24 pct.) and professional services (16 pct.). Within the personal services the medical and educational (kindergartens, after schools, music and dance schools etc.) centres were noted", Petrescu mentioned.


The IT&C field, the star of the corporate office market, situated on the fourth position in this medium companies top.  "We believe that in the second part of 2014 the medium companies will insure a sustained growth in the office market and we estimate that in the end of the year we will have a total growth of 10-15 pct. of the offices rented by these companies. Considering the large number of medium IT&C companies currently in negotiation, it is possible that in the second part of the year this field to gain first three positions in the top of the fields signing most of the transactions this year", the cited source also said. (sursa: wall-street.ro)