In the first three months if the year, in Bucharest were signed leases for 63,218 sq. m office spaces, slightly up compared to 62,562 sq. m in the same period from 2014. Outside Bucharest, the transacted area almost doubled, from 10,957 sq. m to 21,782 sq. m.


The types of the transactions show a preponderance of renegotiations and relocations – approx. 47,200 sq. m, 55 pct of the total, while the expansions and the new request totalled 37,779 sq. m.


"Four of the ten largest transactions made in 2015 were signed for offices outside Bucharest. ESOP also registers this type of requests, our brokers having signed one of the first five largest transactions in 2015, with an area of 3,800 sq. m in an A class building in Timisoara and we also have another five transactions outside Bucharest, in different phases of negotiations", has declared Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop Consulting l CORFAC International.


Another trend the Esop consultants have noticed is that almost a third of the total office area rented in the first quarter was new demand type, as expansions of large companies ort new request from companies recently founded in this period, a trend that indicates there is a trust in future for the business environment.


The most important transactions signed in the above mentioned period include the rental by Oracle of 10,400 sq. m in SkyTower building in Barbu Vacarescu area in Bucharest and the transaction for 6,500 sq. m signed by Carrefour in Green Court Bucharest. The rest of the transactions did not exceed 2,000 sq. m each. (source: