Considering the offer of office spaces in villas in Bucharest, in the beginning of 2014 approx. 67% of the total have asking rent of up to EUR 11/sq.m/month, 20% an average rent between EUR 11.1 and EUR 15/sq. m/month and 13% plus de EUR 15/sq. m/ month.


Most of the villas available are situated in central-northern Bucharest, a total stock of 50,025 sq. m and the smallest stock is in the south. In 2013, the total volume of the office spaces rented in villas has increased with 23%.


The tenants have chosen spaces with various areas, from apartments in villas of 80 sq. m up to entire buildings of 1,493 sq. m, most of the villas transactions focusing on the zones Aviatorilor, Primăverii and Universitate-Romană.


“In 2014, we estimate that the office rentals in villas will keep its dynamism and apart the companies which chose villas because they match better their range of activity (such as legal, advertising, consultancy companies), the villas will be also chosen by the companies supplying personal services which are in expansion at the moment”, saidAlexandru Petrescu, managing partner of ESOP Consulting l CORFAC International.


In the first months of 2014, the average rented area in office villas has increased from 249 sq. m to 479 sq . m, and apart the most requested areas in Centre-North - Primăverii, Aviatorilor, Dorobanţi there was an increasing interest for the central areas - 13 Septembrie, Ştefan cel Mare and Foişorul de Foc.

“We have noticed that in the last 24 months there was an increasing interest of the Romanian entrepreneurs supplying personal services (private schools, kindergartens, after-schools, nutrition and medical clinics) for the new locations and expanding activity, which shows the importance the inhabitants of Bucharest are according to health and education investments”, said Alexandru Petrescu. (Source: