The historical building was recently renovated, the investment of the owner reaching approx. EUR 700,000.


„We’ve noticed in the last three years the continuous development of new educational centres, either private kindergarten, after schools, foreign languages centres or sport clubs. We have many requests for rentals coming from the area of the alternative education systems, such as Montessori, one of the most dynamic on the segment of the private alternative kindergardens. British Council has already started a new business phase, the expansion, being an institution with notoriety and a growing number of students”, has declared Alexandru Petrescu, managing  partner ESOP Consulting l CORFAC International, one of the companies intermediating the transactions.


In this transaction, ESOP Consulting represented the landlord and CBRE represented the tenant.  


The imposing villa on Mendeleev St., where British Council will have its second quarters was in the commercial circuit since the between-war period, being bought in 1925 by the family of the professor Marin N. Biciulescu and then rented to merchants with stores in the ground floor and to private persons living on the upper floors.


Before Biciulescu, the property belonged to Ignatz Roller, a well-known merchant of the period, who was distributing in Romania at that time the brand Longines, its buyers including also the members of the Royal House.


The current owner, a Romanian investor, has bought it from the inheritors in 2011 and has invested approx. EUR 700,000 in renovation works and rehabilitation of the façade. (source: