Why Skyhub? What is the design concept of this new product from your portfolio?
The simplest answer is: out of necessity. We have no more space, we have a lot of requests and we believe that our product is very necessary for the office market. In fact, it was in our plan from the beginning to expand. With Hotspot Workhub we did a "proof of concept", we demonstrated that it works. Now we are going to grow.

The design concept has two aspects: functional and aesthetic. Functionally, it is very similar to the first Hotspot and follows the "best space scenario" principle - by which we want to offer the companies that choose to have their office with us, the best flexible office option. Quality, flexibility, community. Aesthetically, the concept is quite different. At Skyhub we address a younger audience, who live in the digital world. We also have more technology - video, sound, lights, etc. but also more color.

What does the second collaborative space that will be opened under the Hotspot brand bring?
Already having the experience of the first Hotspot, we realized first of all how we can bring even more flexibility to the spaces and we are working on new details that will make our life easier at the office. Members can choose from flexible modules and configure their office as they wish. In addition, we install lighting that disinfects the surfaces in the meeting rooms and interactive screens that include videoconferencing facilities.
Another new aspect, which comes with the opening of Skyhub, is that our members will have the opportunity to work from both spaces, in the open space area, which brings even more flexibility.

What are the main features of Skyhub Hotspot?
First of all, there are flexible offices, with mobile tables (on wheels) that can be quickly reconfigured at any time. We have high-tech meeting rooms that can be booked through our application, but also more comfortable meeting rooms, with sofas and comfortable armchairs that allow relaxed discussions. The extensive relaxation areas include cafe areas, an urban jungle and a Sky Lobby with a fantastic view that can be enjoyed from comfortable deckchairs.

How will social life be connected with work for the employees of the member companies? Will there be a community?
The community is the main binder. We learned at the first Hotspot that our members appreciate the atmosphere and the community the most and that they are at least as important as the technical equipment or the ergonomics of the space. Through generous socializing spaces, events and workshops, but also through very good coffee and design, we want to create a cool, dynamic and attractive community.

Who is this hub for? What is the intended work style?
Until now, as we anticipated, we have many clients from the technology area. Companies that hire young, very talented people and for whom they are the most important capital. Through everything we do, we try to help companies attract and maintain this capital.

Do you have any promotions/incentives for first hub tenants?
The first members have the maximum flexibility in configuring the offices - now that we still have space - and with a contract of at least one year, they receive a discount for the first 3 months. The most spectacular offices, overlooking the whole city, are still available.

What is the total amount expected to be invested in this project by the end of the year?
I am very happy that, despite the crisis in the construction market and the supply problems, it seems that we manage to have a `landing` at a fixed point - on time and on budget.
When we finish I will tell you the budget.

What can you tell us about the team behind this project? What important collaborations for the well-being of future tenants have you had?
The Hotspot story is an international one. Starting from my German partners at REC, with over 40 years of experience in office design, to our architects in Milan - biroarchitetti - who bring a lot of creativity, charm and functionality and to our consultancy in the operational area - Pauline Roussel - the French girl that lives in Berlin, who visited hubs all over the world to analyze flexible workspaces, all contribute to a sophisticated concept, thought to have an important impact.
The graphic, static and interactive design is done in Vienna, the architectural visualizations in Bucharest, with a fantastic team (Foarfeca.ro), who worked for some of the biggest architecture offices in the world, and the layout of the "urban jungle" is also designed in Milan, by Corneliu Gavril, settled there for 20 years.

What is the half-year balance sheet for Hotspot Workhub? (turnover, tenants, etc.)
Hotspot Workhub has been cash-positive since the beginning of the year and is paying-off its costs. We have a 100% occupancy rate and in 2022 we estimate a turnover of 1.1 Million Euros.

What is the "lesson" learned nearly three years after the first office hub went on the market?
There are many lessons learned. We went through an unprecedented crisis (covid) and we could not have passed well without a strong partner (REC) and without the support of the building's owners. But, once the crisis was over, we confirmed that we had a solid and profitable concept, which we continue to develop and refine for the next period. The challenges will be just as big but, according to our estimates, the demand for flexible offices will also increase considerably.