The new concept takes all the successful key points already confirmed with the first project - Hotspot Workhub, from The Mark building – and adds them a new design, with emphasis on color, texture and technology.

The space was designed by the architecture office biroarchitetti from Milan, which brings to its projects the symbiosis between ergonomics and sustainability. Thus, Hotspot Skyhub includes all the advantages of an intelligent and flexible workspace, in which you want to return: premium furniture, abundant natural light, panoramic views and many green areas.

The project developers chose Orhideea Towers for its ideal positioning, especially in relation to the destinations wanted by the growing number of technology companies present in Romania. The new Hotspot Skyhub is located 10 minutes away from the city center and in the vicinity of an important area of universities and student campuses, but also next to an effervescent business and retail center.

"We are very pleased that we have taken Hotspot’s story further and we can offer our clients high-quality offices with all the facilities and technology they need to be productive and for employees to enjoy coming to the office. One of our goals is to help Hotspot member companies find and retain valuable employees." says Tudor Popp, founding partner of Hotspot.

"The Hotspot story is an international one. From the German partners in REC’s team, with over 40 years of experience in office design, to the architects from Milan - biroarchitetti - who bring a lot of creativity, charm and functionality, and to our consultant in the operational area - Pauline Roussel - from France and based in Berlin, which has visited and analyzed more than 500 coworking spaces around the world, all contributing to a sophisticated concept.

The graphic, static and interactive design is done in Vienna, by Wolf Dieter Grabner, the architectural visualizations in Bucharest, with a fantastic team (Foarfeca), working for some of the biggest architecture offices in the world, and the layout of the "urban jungle" interior design is also designed in Milan, by Corneliu Gavril, established there for 20 years." Tudor Popp also declared.

The great interest shown from the beginning by renowned international companies for Hotspot Skyhub confirms that the focus on the quality of the space and the special vibe really makes the difference. Hotspot believes that the future of the office is flexibility, interactivity and comfort and wants to continue the development under the motto "The Best Space Scenario".