„Basically yes, we’ve started the construction, but we will come up with more information in two weeks", recently declared for ECONOMICA.NET Tiberiu Smaranda, the commercial development director within NEPI.

NEPI has finalized in the end of August the takeover transaction for 70% of the company owning the land of the former factory Electroaparataj, where the South-Africans will develop Mega Mall in partnership with Austria’s Real4You.

On the same plot, the former factory land, the works advanced for the new Kaufland store.


The commercial centre will have a rentable area of 70,000 sq. m. The already announced tenants include Carrefour, Flanco, Altex, Slot Point Casino, Cine Grand, C&A, H&M, Kenvelo, Lee Cooper, Celio, Lashez and Office Shoes. (Source: economica.net)