NEPI owns for several years the Oromolu Villa, a building constructed in the between-wars period by Mihai Oromolu, former governor of Romania’s National Bank, as well as the 4,500 sq. m plot of land situated in the corner of Paris St. with Aviatorilor Blvd., the intention on the fund being to rehabilitate the historical monument and to develop nearby an office building on three levels and 6,500 sq. m rentable area, as well as a small court in between the two constructions.


„We obtained the construction permit last week. Currently we are working on the authorization process for the utilities deviation and will start the excavation works after solving this issue. We plan to complete the building by mid-2015. The investment for this project is estimated at EUR 37 million and will be realized from our own resources“, has declared for ZF Martin Slabbert, CEO NEPI.


The intention of NEPI is to develop a project up to the area’s standard, Piata Victoriei being situated at the crossroad of a business pole built in the last 10-15 years (BRD Tower, America House, Europe House, Tower Center) with the historical buildings in the Aviatorilor area, where several embassies and world known organizations are currently carrying their activities. (source: