Considering the range of activity of the tenants of instant offices, the IT professionals are more attracted by the open-spaces in the hub, while the entrepreneurs with liberal professions – consultancy, law, design, distribution – prefer the individual spaces ready to move in.


The instant offices offer has been diversified in 2015, regarding the types of available spaces and their costs, currently already existing on the Romanian market all the types of short time rentals present worldwide. Slowly, distinct market segments are appearing too, depending on the clients’ profile and their fields of activity.


„Most of the leases signed by our clients are for a year and we have clients who already signed extensions. We are open though also to contracts with shorter terms, for companies with projects on limited period, frequently met especially in IT&C companies.

However, during summer we come with a promotion adapted to market conditions, the contracts signed in the period of July-August 2015 having fees with approx. 20 pct smaller than the current ones”, has declared Ilinca Dumitru, Sales Manager of Flash Office Solutions.


HUB versus individual office – how to choose what fits best our company

1. HUB Advantages:

-  fully equipped office, with additional services, ready to move in, available in very short term

- fixed price, the smallest in the market for A class office space

- the facilities and the prestige of a working place in a premium A class office building

- possibility of interaction with different persons, inclusion of the employees in a business community,

- secure working place,

- full services package,

- headquarters registration – for start-ups


2. Individual Office Advantages:

-  fully equipped office, ready to move in, with additional services

- fixed price

- flexible area, in premium A class office buildings

- individual space, closed with key;

- intimacy in carrying out the activity;

- logo possibility at the entrance and next to the office;

- single cost per month;

- headquarters or secondary quarters registration;

- unlimited access to the meeting room;

- possibility to personalize the office (paintings, plants etc.)

- the advantage of bringing additional furniture if needed.


Other services and facilities included in the price, both for individual offices and hub

Within Flash Office Solutions centres, both types of short time rentals, in hub and individual office, benefit free of charges by complementary services such as cleaning, maintenance, have included int he price the utilities costs and the reception services, access to the meeting room, to the kitchen and cafeteria, fully furnished and equipped, the coffee and fruits are on the house.


Flash Office Solutions is one of the few networks of instant offices rentals centres in Romania, offering both types of spaces – in hub and individuals, the clients having the possibility to choose rapidly and to change from one type of space to the other, from month to month, depending of the evolution of the business.


Summer offer: Splash- Flash

Flash Office Solutions is launching the Splash-Flash campaign, with shrinking summer rents.


Therefore, the monthly fee of a workplace in hub and in the individual offices is going down with 20 pct. for the leases signed during summer, from 1st of July 2015 to 31st of August 2015. (source: Flash Office Solutions)