"From previous experience, we noticed that 60% of customers are turning to individual offices, with areas of up to 40 square meters, but fully equipped and with access to common areas of complete services for customers in the hub: kitchen and coffee area, meeting room with the possibility of organizing teleconferences, Wi-Fi, cleaning services, maintenance, reception and the possibility of displaying your logo in the reception area and benefits card - with discounts at restaurants and shops in the vicinity of the building.
For the new module of the center within Maria Rosetti Tower we have provided 31 individual offices, with a capacity starting from one person up to 12 persons. We are expanding to the customer area where we have signaled the highest demand", says Ilinca Neagu, Administrator of Flash Office Solutions.

The 350 employees who occupy the two FOS centers come from various fields of activity (IT&C, accounting, HR, automation, marketing and sales), but most of them are in the IT&C sector (about 60%).
The members of Flash Office instant office centers, either in individual spaces or in the HUB area, benefit from fixed costs of furnished offices, with all the facilities and services included.
60% of the companies that rent space in the co-sharing system in the Flash Office Solutions center opt for the registered office in the HUB.

Most of the companies that have resorted to renting offices in co-sharing system from FOS centers have used the option to make their headquarters in this space.
The difference between a company that has its registered office in HUB and one that does not use this facility is the size of the guarantee requested at the signing of the contract (a one-month guarantee, for those who do not request a headquarters and three months, for the others). This condition applies regardless of whether the company is just set up and establishes its headquarters in the new space, whether it is moving it during the activity.

"We have signals that some companies operating in our centers are looking for a future expansion, so we will continue to expand the area of our centers, maybe even with a third location, in a new office building. But it will be an organic development, step by step, depending on their demand", says Ilinca Neagu, Administrator of Flash Office Solutions.

In total, the two Flash Office Solutions centers have a cumulative area of 3,200 square meters, in the office buildings Maria Rosetti Tower and Armand Călinescu Building, both located in the downtown area, at a very short distance from the University of Bucharest, Ion Mincu Faculty of Architecture and ASE. (source: Flash Office Solutions)