Some people may think that these flex offices are just for freelancers, startups, or small companies just starting out. They may have an image of a big open space with rows of desks, and maybe some small rooms on the side. However, that’s not the case.

Today, many coworking spaces are designed to accommodate companies of all sizes, from private offices for teams of 30 people to enterprise suites for over 300 people. In fact, many flex offices now count major companies as members, with large spaces or even entire floors dedicated to a single company.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, “Why Companies Are Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces,” many large corporations are turning to coworking not just because it’s a popular option, but because they want their employees to realize the benefits that other people have enjoyed from being in coworking spaces. What are some of those benefits? People are making more connections, learning new skills faster, and report feeling more inspired and having more control over their work. These are real benefits that have a direct impact - for both employees and a business. 

Who’s taking advantage of coworking spaces? Major global brands such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Samsung, and McDonald’s have placed teams or departments in coworking locations around the world. According to Mark Goldberg, VP of Global Facilities at Hootsuite, the global social media management platform, they wanted their employees to feel “comfortable and inspired while at work, and we know that for this to happen we have to offer them more than just a standard working space.” He adds, “when we stepped into the Mindspace space in Bucharest, we knew this was the environment we were seeking to foster the creative process our people undertake to continually support and innovate our product.”

Coworking is definitely not just for freelancers anymore. In fact, premium coworking providers such as Mindspace report that over 50% of their members are big companies.

What are some other reasons that large companies are choosing flex spaces for their employees? 

In addition to the benefits for employees, flex space offers companies an excellent solution for flexibility and opportunities for expansion. Especially in the case where a large corporation is opening a site in a new city, coworking provides them with an excellent commercial real estate option that’s ready for employees immediately - there’s no need for extensive renovation investments and there are no long term commitments required with the lease. Their team can be up and working in no time, and the company has the convenience of knowing that they can scale and grow easily, without needing extra resources.   

With many boutique coworking options located in prime real estate locations in major cities, and an emphasis on creating spaces that have excellent design and personalized service, many large companies are realizing that these are exactly the places they want for their employees to love coming to work every morning: an inspiring, high-standard office space in a prime location, with extensive community and professional events.

Mindspace is a global boutique workspace with 30 locations around the world, and two in Bucharest: Victorei and Pipera. Among their 15,000 members are companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Spotify, Barclays Bank, Yahoo, Agoda, and many others. As the flex office market grows each year, premium options such as Mindspace naturally attract the more established companies, as their offerings fit the high professional standards of large companies, and they are experts in customizing space to fit companies’ needs. (source: Mindspace)