New members will enjoy the benefits of Mindspace, including two new partnerships the company has for the local community. Thus, members of the two locations in Romania will be able to access BCR banking products at preferential rates and will be able to benefit from free consultancy from KPMG.

"We are pleased to revolutionize the Romanian coworking market and we have been impressed by the feedback received so far," says Mike Hapoianu, General Manager of Mindspace in Romania. "We believe that a positive employee experience leads to better business results and an important role in ensuring this is played by the different types of partnerships and benefits we offer our members. We are delighted that these companies have chosen to join the Mindspace community and, more than that, they want to add value from the very beginning. We look forward to seeing how our community will enjoy these new offers. ”

Other benefits of Mindspace members include access to meeting rooms, telephone booths for one-to-one discussions, weekly lunches or networking and events specially created for the Mindspace community. In addition, Mindspace members can work from anywhere in the world at no extra cost. (source: