Approximately 500,000 companies in Romania can benefit from the democratization of the digital transformation in marketing and sales, the new market trend. If until now only large companies, which had giant budgets, could afford this type of automation solutions, now even small and medium enterprises have access to digitization products through which they can allocate twice as many resources and get results from three times larger.

According to MediaPost Martech specialists, these results can be obtained with an initial investment of 2,000 euros and a monthly investment of less than 1,000 euros, more precisely a cost 5 times lower than the current average of such a solution. Thus, SMEs will have the first results after three months, and annually can save over 100,000 euros, by streamlining the activity and increasing productivity per employee. Also, through automation, the time allocated to repetitive tasks is reduced by up to 80%, and the staff allocated to them will be able to carry out other, more creative activities.

The integration of CRM and sales automation solutions and marketing activity helps the company to communicate in a customized awy. The message and style are chosen according to the needs and habits of navigation and purchase of each user, all details being stored in the database. Such programs, whose simplified mode of operation contributes to the efficiency of the business model and, at the same time, makes possible an 80% reduction of the price compared to similar services, so that the product can be accessible to SMEs as well. Licenses start at 100 euros, but a successful implementation involves about 1,000 euros per month for licenses and implementation and maintenance services, and the ideal budget is 10,000 euros. The first results are visible after only two weeks, but a complete and complex implementation takes about six months.

In a chart published by the European Investment Bank, Romania occupies a place at the bottom of the digitalization ranking, on several market segments. The biggest difference from the European average, but also from the American one, is registered on the production segment, where there is a difference of approximately 20 percent, which implies a minimum automation. The potential for automation is enormous in this area, all the more so as a significant volume of repetitive tasks is recorded here.

"There is a misconception that automation will amplify the wave of layoffs. But experience has shown us that this is not the case, but on the contrary! Digital transformation and automation have real potential to save jobs in almost any industry. We know at least one concrete case in the pharmaceutical industry, in which, due to the new solutions implemented, the management decided to keep and requalify the entire sales team, from field agents to desk sales operators, all managed entirely by a digital ecosystem. Three months later, it turned out to be a winning move and 27 jobs were saved ", considers Adrian Alexandrescu, Senior Partner of MediaPost Martech. (source: MediaPost Martech)