The study shows that only a third of the global top 100 O&O companies are currently present in CEE which could be interpreted as an opportunity for attracting the 70 pct. difference of companies in the following years.


Bucharest is already among the “European race winners” for attracting companies in the outsourcing segment – recovering a lot from the distance to the mature markets, such as Warsaw, Cracow, Budapest and Prague, which are continuing to dominate the top considering the volume of office spaces rented O&O companies between 2010 and 2013.


Bucharest is part, as well as Sofia or Polish cities such as Wroclaw, Lodz and Tricity, of the league of new-entry business destinations targeted by the outsourcing companies, which expand rapidly the O&O tenants’ data base.


The study also shows that the relocation or expansion decisions of the O&O companies is not influenced by the operating costs in the respective country, but by the “experience” offered – countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine being favourite as they offer a large pool of employees with foreign languages expertise and advanced technical skills, as well as modern office spaces at lower costs compared to the mature markets. (source: