13% participants in the study avoided to characterize the 2015 economic evolution, considering that too many unknown data were involved to allow an opinion from the beginning.


In the opinion of people interviewed a positive evolution means the thawing of business relations, of state and private investments, an unblocking of money in economy.


As for the main 2015 challenges, most managers (70%) mentioned the fiscal ones (possible increase of taxes). The list of risks includes the world economic evolution remarked by 23% of investors, the evolution of main currencies (27%), financial gridlock (45%) and the political situation (34%).


For the question “How is Romania seen from abroad in point of economic activities compared to countries in the area?” 42% showed reserve mentioning the lack of predictability of the fiscal environment as the main problem. The black list also includes the VT rate higher than in Bulgaria, financial gridlock, bureaucracy and absence of transport infrastructure at western standards.


Positive aspects include the low costs of labor force and its high quality, business opportunities mainly in the farming sector and the geostrategic position in the area (EU member state, Black Sea port, cheap transport on the Danube).


Asked about the measures the businessmen would request rulers in 2015 to ensure economic stability and boost local business, they mentioned predictability, a stable Fiscal Code and reducing bureaucracy in the state apparatus.


 The barometer on the investors’ perception of Romanian economy was made over 1-31 December 2014, on a sample of 150 businessmen, shareholders, CEOs of companies from various fields of activity, trade, financial services, agriculture, energy, garment industry, IT. (source: actmedia.eu)