There are 80,000 programmers and software engineers in Romania at present. The figure is half the one of Silicon Valley, where estimates are 170,000 specialized staff working in this field. The 80,000 experts in Romania produce one billion euros, while in Silicon Valley the amount is 800 billion. It would be an important target for Romania to reach a turnover of at least 10 billion euros,’ Pitis asserted. ANIS vice chair Teodor Blidarus mentioned that there are over 5,000 active companies in this industry in Romania.


ANIS launched on Wednesday the Romanian Software Index platform. It currently includes more than 70 presentations of products and services, up 20 percent from 2013; they come from 51 specialized companies.


ANIS was founded in 1998. It now has 122 members, both Romanian and foreign companies, from small ones to multinationals, with offices in the big IT centres throughout the country. The turnover of ANIS members is 40 percent of the total software market.


ANIS represents the interests of Romanian IT companies; it supports the development of the domestic software and services industry and the growth of companies involved in outsourcing projects or generating intellectual rights by creating products. (source: