River Development, the company run by Ion Rădulea, which is also among its largest shareholders, leased almost 19,000 sqm of the more than 21,000 sqm of rentable area from The Light offices near the Politehnica metro station in the Capital, on Iuliu Maniu Blvd. 

"Currently, the building has a satisfactory occupancy rate for us, compared to the internally established leasing strategy and the uncertain socio-economic period, which we all face. We are talking about an occupancy rate of approximately 90% of the building, with a mix of tenants from various industries and areas of 500-2000-3000 and 4000 sqm, dedicated to office activities and other services that will take place in spaces customized to the needs of the tenants, arranged according to their own concept and comfort", said Ion Rădulea, CEO of River Development. (source: zf.ro)