The mission of the inSIGN studio is to help creating a new concept, fresh and in line with the international design trends.

The selection of the most suitable interior design studio for the development of the design concept was made following a rigorous preselection, in which inSIGN competed with national studios, but also with large international companies with tradition. The inSIGN team won the preselection thanks to the creative and innovative ideas, exceptional quality of 3D design and the representative portofolio that Noblesse Group International has.

The inSIGN team successfully completed the development and implementation of the concept for the rooms, including 2 reference models for the mokup rooms. The specialists of the company paid special attention to the decorative elements and details used in design such as Makassar essence wood (veneered), textile wallpaper with silk reflections for the walls, copper as a noble finish, lighting as part of the design and large 3 m tiles used in bathrooms.

The new concept for hotel rooms already enjoys international recognition, the project being on the shortlist at the famous “The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020” in UK.

Accepting of our company as an interior design studio by the owner of the building in which the Radisson Blu Bucharest hotel operates is a recognition of the creative and technical skills that we have developed over time, reaching a level comparable to the big international studios. The team's efforts are reflected in large, complex projects, in which we obtain the best results.", said Loredana Preda, CEO of Noblesse Group International.

The theme of these hotel rooms starts from contemporary style with luxury accents. With great visual impact is the photo wallpaper as a background for bed obtained from relevant photographs with Bucharest and which forms the image of a stylized woman, paintings and other works of art belonging to the artists from the Fusion Arts portfolio - the art agency of Noblesse Group International.

For his part, Alessandro Lusito, interior architect and partner manager of the inSIGN studio said: “The collaboration in this project offers us a rich experience and growing challenges. Through this arrangement we wanted to maximize the international values of comfort and aesthetics that this hotel represents, yet bringing a local "touch" in the decor.”


inSIGN studio – a member of Noblesse Group International, offers complete architecture and interior design services for residential projects, heritage buildings, hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, company headquarters and offices. Bringing together talented designers and architects with impeccable references and passion in what they do, inSIGN team develops and implements interior design and branding projects in the country and abroad.

inSIGN studio is member of the International Interior Design Association from UK, alongside the world's most prestigious interior architecture offices. Its projects have received numerous awards such as the "The Most Office" Boutique Award, and was nominated at the most important international design and architecture competitions such as The International Design and Architecture Awards, The International Hotel & Property Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, "Excellent Architecture" at the German Design Awards, Dezeen Awards.

This year, inSIGN studio was designated as "Best Interior Design Studio in Romania” Architecture Awards, a competition organized by BUILD Magazine in the United Kingdom. (source: inSIGN studio)