The prize for excellence in innovation is a program based on merits, in which each participant included in the competition is selected by the LUXlife MAGAZINE internal research team.
The criteria for evaluating the interior design studios are mainly based on the facilities and the excellence of the services offered by them. In the process of evaluating the participants by the LUXlife MAGAZINE internal research team, a number of criteria were taken into consideration, such as: company profile, quality and originality of projects, innovative design solutions, previous awards won, presence on social media, customer reviews or testimonials. In the evaluation of the participants, the above factors were taken into account, but the internal jury is not limited to them, the participating architecture and interior design companies being subjected to an intense and extensive analysis.

The internal research team studies several different categories, such as interior design, furniture design, architecture, etc., and then awards the architecture and design studios that best meet the evaluation criteria. Each participant is given a unique title.

In addition to the Award for excellence in innovation in interior design, the inSIGN studio also received the distinction of "Best Interior Design Studio in Romania" at the Architecture Awards.
“Through its brands dedicated to a beautiful and valuable lifestyle, the company Noblesse Group International has over time managed to receive numerous international recognition for the creative vision, the special projects and the innovative concept that links all the brands under the motto << Add value to your lifestyle >> ”, said Loredana Preda, CEO of Noblesse Group International. (source: Noblesse Group International)