The Fortech building has a training room with a capacity of approx. 30 people, a conference hall for more than 100 people, multimedia systems and facilities for employees (games room, sport activities, terrace etc.).


„The investment exceeds EUR 3.5 million, the new headquarters offering the necessary conditions for our team and clients, considering the working facilities, communication, learning, security, socialization and relaxation. Moreover in June we started the modernization of other office spaces for future expansions, so we could integrate in the near future up to 450 people in the software development process“, has declared for ZF Transilvania Călin Văduva, CEO of Fortech.


The company currently has over 350 employees, with a growth rate of approx. 10-15 people per month. The company had last year a turnover exceeding EUR 10 million, and it estimates 10-15 pct growth for this year, compared to 2013. (source: