Dragos Neacsu, CEO of Erste Asset Management believes that “the myth of the wrong amount of money and lack of information are the main reasons for non-participation in an investment fund. A lot of things were said were said about investment funds: that they are complicated, they are not for everyone. There are few those who know exactly what an investment fund is and how it works. That is why we have thought up a financial education program and an investment guide “Romania Invest”. According to Neacsu, every term, every product, every myth is explained so that everyone can decide for themselves whether the investments are appropriate, when and in what to invest.


The main conclusions of Erste Asset Management reveal that financial protection is the main reason why Romanians place their money in investment funds. A total of 49 percent of respondents named long-term protection, 38 percent are after assuring comfort in their everyday lives, 36 percent want their financial reserves to be used in the best way possible. The study reveals that for Romanians, the need for financial protection is closely connected to the wish to have support in difficult or unpredictable times, rather than fear of the future.


While 47 percent of respondents own deposits in LEI older than three years, the majority of respondents believe an erroneous myth, that saying that in order to invest in an investment fund one must own large sums of money. Namely, 55 percent believe that they do not have enough money to invest, while 34 percent do not consider themselves informed enough to invest. (source: business-review.eu)