The offices offer the full necessary amenities for the business activity: furnished working spaces, unlimited access to high speed internet, printer, scanner and copy machine, meeting room with video-projector, coffee lounge, etc. The renting costs are fixed, including rent, utilities and services tax. Catering services are also available upon request.


In the European countries where the office market is more developed, the concept if short time rent is no news, enjoying a real success, being favourite by the entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and businessmen from larger companies which travel very much, a reason for they prefer flexible solutions for the office spaces.


“Everything started with the need to have an office in Bucharest when we ended up here with different business meetings. We were oscillating between hotel meetings, which were too serious and informal and those from the cafes and restaurants which didn’t offer the professional atmosphere we were looking for. So the concept of Coffice was born, a system of fully equipped system, with access to the coffee lounge area, which ensured together the optimum mix between the professional space and the networking one. Taking into consideration the success of  Swan – Pipera office, we plan to expand this year with two new locations: in Bucharest and in Cluj”, has declared Cristian Rotarescu, one of the shareholders.


The first project developed in Bucharest by Coffice is situated in the A class office park Swan Office Technology Park. Situated in Pipera, in the office area of the multinationals, the project Coffice in Swan is 80 pct rented in less than six months from its opening. In addition to the classic office standards, Coffice brings an extremely offering space, a coffee lounge, designed according to the latest trends in the field.


For the fit-out of the spaces in Swan, the founders of Coffice have appointed the designers from Prographic Architecture Studio, with a large experience both in office fit-out and restaurants and cafes (source: