Coffee-shop and catering services upon request. Everything in a A class building, strategically positioned, close to the airport and multinationals. Do you need occasional personnel? A secretary for two hours, for instance?


This is what thought Cristian Rotarescu (39 years) and Răzvan Pelmus (32 years) when they launched, las t summer, the concept of Coffice, instant offices and all inclusive services at fixed prices, even rentals per hour.



“We noticed many times when travelling in the country that there are no places or specially designed spaces where you are able to discuss a business in a pleasant environment. We had meetings wherever we could: airports, restaurants, coffee shops and we were all the time disturbed by all kind of other clients. Then we came with the idea to use the business buildings in Bucharest, Timișoara and Cluj. We also opened a coffee lounge, a special meeting place and we offer instant offices, A class, serviced and equipped. We target clients such as new companies, which are looking for a headquarter or companies needing temporary hosting”, said Rotărescu for realitateabucureş


All roads lead Pipera

The first Coffice location was opened in Bucharest and is situated in the A class office park Swan Office Technology Park in Pipera, with an initial investment of EUR 150,000 that they expect to cushion in the first year.

 Apart the location in Cluj, the entrepreneurs also intend to open a new location in Bucharest, by the end of the year.


Offices for an hour

Coffice already has clients from UK, Italy, Denmark, and the occupancy rate of the location in Pipera is already 80 pct. Coffice signed contracts for one year with Mercedes and Toyota, while Vodafone has filmed its advertising in the coffee shop.


“The companies can come for an hour, or ten. Any large company also has an office hall and a meeting room etc. They want an environment where they don’t feel they are working, that they are stressed. WE used bright colours, in order for us to feel at home. They wanted intimacy to develop their business in a pleasant environment. By the end of the year we intend to open a location in Bucharest. Depending on the success, we would like more, maybe a franchise also. This would be easier for us working, we think about that in Cluj. I would like to expand in Timișoara too and in Bucharest we will open a new location in the centre or in areas opposite Pipera, such as Piața Victoriei, Cotroceni or Timișoara Blvd.”, Rotărescu added.

In the Western European countries, short term office rental is already an old practice.

In Bucharest, the principles are quite rigid on the office market, the minimum area for rent being EUR 350 sq. m, at an average price of EUR 30 per sq. m.


Therefore, a start-up would be obliged to pay up to EUR 10,000 only for the space, in a moment when the business investments are vital. (source: