Hotspot is a brand of real estate specialist REC Partners GmbH and offers in the heart of Bucharest, in one of the newest office buildings, on a surface of 2000 sqm, a combination of quality and flexibility for open space offices, conference rooms. high-tech, but also spaces for events. "By the decision to move to the Hotspot, AHK Romania gives a clear signal regarding its new strategy, being located in a flexible coworking environment, which supports the exchange of ideas and information," said Tudor Popp, co-founder of Hotspot.

Germany's Ambassador to Bucharest, ES Cord Meier-Klodt, emphasized in his speech that Romania is an ideal location for research investments in high-end technologies and tomorrow's production cycles. German companies in Romania are continuously developing their production capacities in these fields. "Romania offers a lively scene for start-ups and there is huge potential for German companies in this area. New work concepts are being developed, as is the case in the Hotspot coworking space”, said Meier-Klodt. AHK is therefore closer to the scene of innovative and creative start-ups, with which German companies also need to connect as much as possible.

The quality of the spaces is unique in Bucharest: the high, airy and bright spaces, the glass walls and the skylights create a special atmosphere. Mr. Sebastian Metz, general manager of AHK Romania, is pleased with this concept: “We want to create a new community level for our employees and members. We want to become more innovative, more modern, we want to develop new forms of networking and to open up our community more. All these are possible in the new office space”, Metz said.

Freya Lemcke, Representative of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry near the EU in Brussels, said that the choice of AHK to move to this space corresponds to the spirit of the time and shows that AHK wants to remain relevant, to experiment with new formats and to prepare economic relations and companies for the future. AHK President Dragoș Anastasiu added that these very modern spaces encourage innovation and creativity. (source: AHK România (Camera de Comerț și Industrie Româno-Germană)