The new premises, which involved a rehabilitation of EUR 1.5 million, will be officially launched in May. The building, historical monument, will also host the company’s own interior design and architecture office, Studio Insign.

The building is located on 7 Sfintilor St. and was erected in 1881 by the architect Alexandru Savulescu, who also built the current National History Museum, being considered by the specialists one of the first houses in Bucharest built in eclectic style. At the moment of its acquisition, the building was in an advanced deterioration phase.

During one year, Noblesse Galleries and its interior design office, Studio Insign, have consolidated, restored and equipped the house which has a usable area of 900 sq. m and 1,000 sq. m courtyard.


The building was bought in 1903 by the banker Max Berkovitz, a well-known name of the period. In 1905, it was seized by the Communist Party, being reconverted to Children’s Place in Sector 2. It was then abandoned, devastated and destroyed. Last year it became the property of the interior design company, which rehabilitated the stuccos, the carpentry, the old stoves and the wrought iron elements. (source: