The company plans to start new regional investments this spring, in Timisoara and Brasov.

Arad Plaza is a mixed project in the western part of Arad, which includes a residential building with 107 apartments and 1,200 square meters of office space. The value of the project is estimated at 12 million euros.
Bourgeoise Residence, also developed in Arad, is a luxury residential boutique with only 15 apartments, with a special location on the Mureş river, with a value of 1.2 million euros.
The Sunnyville residential complex in Braşov comprises two buildings and two execution phases, with a project value of 6 million euros.

Wallberg Properties brings together a group of real estate developers coordinated by the Romanian entrepreneur Valentin Morar, active in the local markets since 2004. The Wallberg Properties Group consists of Onessa Contractors, Wallberg Real Estate Properties, Imro Management Contractor & Developer, Walberg West Project and Imo Management. 

The company's portfolio includes 6 projects in Arad, of which Arad Plaza and Bourgeoise Residence recently completed, a project of villas in Cluj-Napoca and a project completed in 2012 in Brasov with more than 150,000 square meters built to a market value estimated at over 90 million.  (sursa: