Scoring is a way of differentiating the sustainability of real estate projects, which translates into a much lower impact on the environment and lower operating costs, including lower costs for occupants - be they buyers, as in the case of a residential project , or companies, as in the case of an office building. In addition, developing a sustainable project also leads to creating a healthy and friendly work environment for employees, favouring the professional and personal development.

"The final sustainable certification attests that we have not only achieved a beautiful model and an attractive story but delivered the most modern real estate project in Romania and implicitly from Timisoara, where the competition for employees is fierce. The benefits for companies and employees are decisive and such a high level of performance translates into lower monthly costs for companies and happier employees", said Vlad Vela, general manager of Vox Property Group.

Vox Technology Park was completed in early 2018 and has a leasable area of 26,600 square meters and was developed by Vox Property Group following an investment of 30 million euros.

"The impact of obtaining a BREEAM certification decreases by 15% the property taxes, which implicitly results in a reduction in the total charge service per square meter rented. Indirectly, meeting BREEAM standards also ensures very high energy efficiency, which translates to low running costs for the building and utilities in common spaces, resulting in additional benefits for tenant companies that will pay lower service charges", explained Daniela Ionescu, senior property manager of Colliers International Romania, the company that manages the property management of the project.

The project offers unique features, such as biometric identification through an application that generates a QR code key after facial recognition or fingerprint recognition, as well as competitive advantages for employees such as bicycle spaces and showers, the food court and the fitness, commercial and service spaces. (source: VOX Property Group)