The Bucharest Tower Center building is owned by Globalworth.
As one of Tradeshift's main R&D centers, the Bucharest office has a strategic role for the company's core activities, which consist of developing cloud applications and infrastructure for global markets. The company is a leader in payment solutions in the logistics chain and markeplaces for companies.
"The move of the office coincides with a period of exponential and sustained growth for the company, both in Bucharest and globally. Tradeshift has increased its number of employees more than 2 times since June 2018, adding 144 new people to the team, including IT developers , business analytics specialists and HR and finance professionals. The company anticipates that employment in Bucharest will continue at a similar pace next year. Moving to a new headquarters is designed to accommodate this growth of the team", say Tradeshift representatives.
According to Eric Knauf, Head of Talent Acquisition at Tradeshift, Romania is known as "having abundant creative and technical talent." (source: