In Euros, the net assets at end-December amounted to 1.46 billion Euros, by 0.8% below the level reached at the end of the previous month.


‘Following the trend of the net assets in the said month, one may notice that SIF Moldova, with a 2.8% growth, SIF Transilvania, with 1.5%, and SIF Banat-Crisana, with 0.3%, are the performers of December in terms of increase in net assets, whereas the other two SIFs say decreases in their net assets in the said month.


The best performance in 2014 was seen by SIF Moldova, with 6.2% increase in net assets, followed by SIF Banat-Crisana, with 0.7% growth, and all the other SIFs recorded decreases in their net assets,’ mentions the AAF press release.


SIF Transilvania and SIF Banat Crisana recorded in December the highest liquidity, with transactions in that period of 1.34% and 1.16% respectively of their share capital, in the amount of 5,508 transactions with SIF Transilvania shares and 2,276 ones with SIF Banat Crisana shares.


In terms of the number of transactions made, SIF Muntenia recorded the lowest interest from investors, as only 1,621 transactions with SIF Muntenia took place, which accounted for 0.41% of the share capital. (source: