The investment in the production plant is about 4 million euros.

The current factory replaces the original one, which until the beginning of last year was in Blejoi, Prahova. The construction of the new factory started in May 2021 and was completed at the beginning of 2022. The land on which the unit is located in Păulești covers an area of 20,000 sq m and the production factory, the related storage spaces and its own car park totals an area of 5000 sq m.

“The opening of the new factory will support us to achieve our goals for the coming years: doubling our production capacity and to reach revenues of 25 million euros by 2025. The production plant was from the beginning our main investment; the initial role of the company was the one of a custom-made furniture producer, and in the last seven years we became an integrator with complete interior design solutions”, says Florin Gheorghe, CEO and co-founder of THETA Furniture & More.