The construction had the break ground in May this year with the location set up in the vicinity of the current factory, near Bucharest. THETA Furniture & More is the most significant interior general contractor on the Romanian fit-out market owning and operating an owned factory.

The project and its development represent an investment of approximately 4 million EURO. “With the construction of the factory, we predict a doubling of our production capacity and significant improvement of the factory efficiency, ensuring superior control and optimization of our custom-made furniture process,” stated the main representants of the company.

Strategic advantage 

“The most important investment for THETA is our people. As the current rapid pace of digitalization and artificial intelligence is transforming the whole furniture industry, we are constantly acquiring new equipment and refurbishing the existing ones.

Also, we picture the new factory as an innovation center that is offering us strategic advantages. In the near future we are planning to build a few niches product line, with the goal of exploring and achieving new advancements in performance, range and the development of innovative products, that will allow the company the flexibility needed to rapidly adapt to emerging technologies,” states Gelu Florian, COO of THETA Furniture & More.

“We consider that modern furniture manufacturing industry plays a big part in the economies of a country. Our specialists from the factory are working with modern materials, innovative accessories and uses state-of-the-art technologies in creating custom-made furniture, smart ceilings, practical floors, lighting fixtures and more. The partnerships with important architects in the field and the exclusive partnerships with global renowned materials manufacturers for standard furniture products, are the ingredient of our unique concepts,” also say company representatives.

Transport & storage

After its production, the furniture pieces need a space that generally is disproportionately larger than the space required by its raw materials. Therefore, transport and storage require a lot of effort – especially if it is meant for shipping abroad. The new factory has a better space optimization and comprise areas such as office, production, processing, painting area, storage area, the last one being well equipped for easy and quick packaging & transport of the furniture pieces and linked to the car fleet area, the company officials say.  

“THETA is synonymous with innovation and courage and we are a key player in the local interior design journey towards a sustainable future.

 Investments like this support job creation and represent our long-term commitment,” states Florin Gheorghe, Co-Founder & CEO THETA Furniture & More.

THETA is a local general interior contractor, with 12+ years of experience in the production of custom-made furniture with its own production factory, and in the last 6 years, an integrator and project manager for projects in various industries.
The competencies of the team of professionals consist in managing complex projects from the initial design phase to implementation and delivery: interior design & fit-out, architecture and MEP works, consulting services, standard and custom furniture implementation services.