‘The young people in the Millennials generation born between 1980 – 2000 are hard to deal with by the employers, as salary is not the most important element, nor the only aspect they take into consideration when they choose a workplace. The Millennials or the Y generation are different from the X generation (their parents) as regards the decision to accept a job’ the press release of the Smartree company says.


According to the quoted source, the Millennials young people want to promote as quickly as possible, with no patience to cover all the stages of professional evolution. At the same time, they manifest their desire to develop leadership and a step ahead by comparison to the previous generation, due to the familiarity with the internet and the online social channels they have grown up with.


‘Access to the online environment allows them to be more informed about the companies on the market, be more communicative and creative than the previous generations. Moreover, most of them are open to new challenges and get involved in projects for which they are not yet professionally prepared’ Raluca Penes, HR Coordinator Smartree says.


According to the press release, the Millennials young people have a complex approach on life in general and career in general.

‘On the other hand, the idea of balance occupies an important place, free time and the possibility to practise a hobby being very important. On the other hand, they want to work in companies with whose culture and values they identify so that they feel their effort makes sense. That is why , the hiring companies must have in mind several aspects in their strategy for recruitment. The salary package and the benefits one must be complex and motivating. Besides the salary, the young people want many other benefits, such as medical insurance, gym subscription, free days, discount cards. They ask from the very first interview about the benefits offered by the respective company,’ the quoted document says. (Source: actmedia.eu)