The progress is due to strong economic growth and Romania’s status as regional center for IT professionals, according to Business Monitor International, quoted by Mediafax newswire.


On the long term, the growth of salaries will support the development of the hardware components retail market while the modernization of the telecom infrastructure is expected to accelerate Romania’s repositioning as an important outsourcing and cloud computing market, according to a quarterly report of the research market.


In spite of all this, the economic and political instability in the region could negatively affect the evolution of the market, according to the report.


BMI estimations show that sales of hardware components will grow up to RON 2.9 billion (EUR 656 million) this year, from RON 2.8 billion (EUR 633 million) last year, due to the re-invigoration of the PC and notebook market, as well as significant growth in the number of tablets.


The software market is estimated to reach RON 1.2 billion (EUR 271 million) this year, compared to RON 1.1 billion (EUR 249 million) last year.


The piracy will bite from the growth rate, but expenses with software solutions are estimated to go up, due to installing new versions for existing operating systems, as a result of Microsoft’s decision to cease support for Windows XP. (Source: