The volume of renting transactions raised 10-15% in the 1Q comparing to the same period of 2012, while the rent costs were stable. In the first quarter, Regatta closed transactions for flats as well as for houses and villas, with prices between 75,000 and 160,000 (in the Northern Bucharest) for apartments with 2-3 rooms. Pipera area is still very attractive, with sales of EUR 250,000-300,000 per 200-300 sqm built areas and 400-500 sqm courtyards. Regatta also closed selling transaction for two between-wars villas, one in Charles de Gaulle Sq. for EUR 8000,000 (with 400 sqm built area and 400 sqm land) and another in Rosetti area for EUR 650,000 ( with 800 sqm built area and 450 sqm land). In both cases the transaction purpose was not the investment, but the residential. At approx. the same price level (EUR 600,000) there was another transaction registered, for a new villa in Dorobanti Sq. (with 500 sqm built area and 500 sqm land). (source: