According to representatives of RE/MAX Romania, the real estate consultancy market has changed considerably in recent years. At the 2014 level, the field was characterized by instability, but also by a high potential for growth, both in terms of prices and in terms of consulting services. Influenced by the growing customer expectations and external trends that have proven successful, industry has made great strides in recent years in terms of professionalism and trust in the target audience. So, in 2019, industry is focusing on a new stage of consultancy services that targets the pattern and level of European markets.

"The real estate consultancy market has witnessed an accelerated evolution in recent years, a sign that Romanians' increased appetite for real estate transactions requires specialized advice and constant professional guidance focused on customer needs and preferences. On the other hand, at a brief analysis, compared to the developed markets, we note that there is still a great potential for growth in the field, which requires joint efforts of the players to reach the peak. Constant investment in education and the need to professionalize agents at Western standards will bring a change of perception of the Romanian public in relation to the industry in which we operate, giving the client the confidence he needs in the quality services of the real estate consultant", says Răzvan Cuc, President of RE/MAX Romania.

According to an analysis carried out by RE/MAX Romania, currently, on the domestic market, there are about 8,000 agents, namely 1 agent / 2,500 inhabitants, a relatively small proportion in relation to the needs of the market. In comparison, in European countries with a developed industry, the ratio is four times higher, and in North America, which is the benchmark in the field, this ratio is 1 agent / 300 inhabitants.

According to the RE/MAX representative, to reach this threshold, it is necessary to regulate industry's professional rules, a work model focused on exclusive representation, and the creation of strong networks and associations. This context is also an opportunity and a responsibility for strong brands in the field, which must focus primarily on an integrated system, constantly developing and sustaining office networks, and actively engaging in guild education and the public. (source: RE/MAX)