This is the best news for the labour market because, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs during the crisis and 2.5 million people left the country, businesses have managed to recover and people are turning to other jobs.

Officially, the economy has exceeded the pre-crisis level in terms of number of jobs, since the number of employees has exceeded the level of September 2008 - of 4.83 million employees - the benchmark for the best labour market time at the moment.

"It was expected that the number of employees in the economy would reach or even exceed that of the economic boom, because there is a very high demand for candidates and a very small offer. This shortage of candidates has led to a change among employers who are more permissive in the selection of staff, which unfortunately will lead to a lower quality of services and products that benefit the population", said Florin Godean, country Manager of Adecco Romania, Romania's largest recruitment and temporary employment service company. (source: