The document includes the elimination of the tax for special construction and over-excise for fuels, but not starting with 2016 but with 2017. The reduction of the tax on dividends from 16% to 5% was also postponed for 1 January 2017, in the initial variant the starting point being 1 January 2016. But the tax does not include the dividends paid by a company to another company, if the latter one owns more than 10% of the social capital for a period of over one year.


In the case of micro-enterprises, the income tax will be 3% and for a newly set up company with at least one employee, the tax quota will be 1% for the first 24 months of activity, if the associates or the shareholders did not have bonds with other judicial persons.


The profit tax is 16%, although initially it was proposed to reduce it to 14% starting with 1 January 2019.In the case of the companies which have activity in the domain of the night clubs, night bars, discos or casinos, the tax will b e 16% but not less than 5% of the total of the income.


As regards the waiver for reinvested tax, this will be valid to the end of 2016 as it was included in the initial facility.


The reduction of the social contributions was eliminated from the Fiscal Code, although initially there were included reductions both for the employer and the employee, starting with 2017 and later with 2018.


For income from royalties where the income tax is taken by withholding, the expenditure quota increases from 20% to 40%. This income will not include contributions to the health insurance in 2016 if the respective person has other income which is already taxed such as salary income. Not even for income from dividends health insurance is necessary in 2016 if the person who gets other income is already taxed.


For the taxation of the buildings there are important amendments. Firstly, the taxation percentage for residential buildings is included between 0.8% and 0.2%, the applicable value in a year being established by the local authority. Moreover, residences will be taxed according to the purpose of the use. For residences used for commercial purposes ( headquarters, the place where a natural person develops an independent activity or it is the headquarters of a PFA), the tax established by the townhall is between 0.2% and 1.3%.


For excises the structure of the excisable products is the same as in 2015. (source: