In the conjuncture analysis of July, the managers in the manufacturing industry consider that the three next months will have moderate growth of the production volume ( short term +7%) and relative stability of the prices (short term +3%) and the number of employees (short term -1% per total), shows the press release of the INS.


As regards the estimate of production, some of the activities will record growth tendency higher than for the total of the manufacturing industry as follows: drinks production (short term +36%), tobacco products production (short term +25%) and for the metallurgical industry (short term +24%).


For constructions there is estimated a moderate advance of the production volume (short term +10%) between July –September and relative stability of the number of employees (short term +1%­) and of the stock of contracts and orders (short term +5%).

As regards the prices of construction works, the managers estimate moderate growth (short term +6%).

In the retail sector, the managers estimated for the next three months a tendency of growth of economic activity (short term +27%) and the volume of orders for goods suppliers by commercial units (short term +26%).


At the same time, the employers estimate the moderate growth of the number of employees (short term +6%) as well as the prices of retail (short term +9%).


The demand for services (turnover) will have a moderate growth over the next three months (short term +8%) and the prices for sale or billing of the services will have a tendency to relative stability (short term +1%).


The managers in this sector estimate a moderate decrease of the number of employees (short term -6%). (source: