With a total lettable area of over 165,000 square meters, the CA Immo’s portfolio represents the largest COVID-19 compliant certification granted by Safe Asset Group for an office portfolio in Romania. SAFE Asset Group offers the only internationally acknowledged resilience certification program for Safe Hospitality, Offices, Retail, and Environments (SHORE).

“Together with our tenants, we implemented multiple safety innovations to ensure both covid-safe and attractive environments for all 15,000 people who are generally working in the CA Immo’s buildings. Safety, community and growth were always our priorities as landlord and our tenants recognize our efforts: CA Immo vacancy remains less than 10% even if our portfolio in Romania had constantly expanded, approximately 60,000 sq m being added only in the last three years”, said Marian Roman, Managing Director of CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania.

CA Immo also obtained the DEKRA Trusted Facility certification for the successful implementation of all safety and prevention measures against the spread of COVID-19 virus, which confirms that all the CA Immo’s buildings are safe and trustworthy facilities, compliant with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities.

As businesses look to reopen their doors following an easing of lockdown measures and the parameters once again of the ‘new normal’ become better understood, tenants and office landlords have a unique opportunity to take a leading role in the return to work, to ‘build back better’ and to enable their teams to work safely, flexibly and collaboratively.

“It is reassuring to know that we have all the measures in place in the Campus 6.1 building given the efforts of CA Immo and in the office in order to know our people are safe as we prepare to return to office in a limited capacity, based on the local government instructions. Our aim is to make this transition to return to office as safe and straightforward as possible. With the common efforts, we can assure our people can work safely alongside their colleagues”, stated Andreea Stanescu, General Manager for Romania, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

A recent survey by CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, found 85 per cent of companies expect employees to spend at least half the week in the office, with smaller groups in the office full time or working entirely remotely. Specifically, 38 percent said workers will spend three or more days a week in the office; 32 percent anticipate an equal mix of in-office and remote work; 15 percent foresee solely in-office work; 7 percent say workers will do most if not all of their work remotely; and 7 percent aren’t sure yet (the figures don’t add to 100 due to rounding).

Many companies report health and safety protocols remain in place, including physical distancing and space reservations, the survey shows. The recognized impact of wellness in the workplace has created a heightened focus on building-level measures. Indoor air quality, filtration and monitoring are now the most important building level enhancements underway. Touchless technologies have also risen in importance, including contactless check-ins, automated entryways and auto taps and soap dispensers in restrooms.