Some players succeeded in increasing their business with 20-30%, while others left the top, due to sales fall or insolvencies.

The most spectacular moves were registered last year in the constructions top, where Austrian group  Strabag succeeded in taking over the first position in the top following a revenues increase of over 80%, to EUR 372 million.

The Austrians have overtaken in the top the company Hidroconstrucţia, whose business has decreased last year with over 40% considering the restructuration faced by the energy producer Hidroelectrica. The state’s energetic giant was one of the main clients of the constructor, but currently Hidroelectrica has no plans for new production units’ construction, and Hidroconstrucţia was forced to dismiss 1,000 employees during a year.

Austria’s Strabag, which includes in its shareholders the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, has succeeded to grow considering the infrastructure projects they are involved with. At the same time, the Austrians have also built the real estate project Floreasca City  Bucharest, an investment estimated to EUR 3000 million including Sky Tower and the new Raiffeisen Bank’s headquarters, followed by the completion in October of the Promenada mall.

Among the local construction entrepreneurs, the company Straco Grup owned by the Horpos brothers had the most important ascent, reaching the second position in the top following 123% business growth, up to EUR 195.8 million.


Founded in 2003, the company was initially based on works for the sector City Halls in Bucharest, but then succeeded in taking contracts for highway constructions, where Straco delivered this year the segment between Deva and Orăştie. (source: