The tender is expected to begin on November 1, 2017, according to the company.

The Tandem Building, located near the Palace of Telephones, includes a plot area of 4,740 square meters and a construction on 2,030 square meters, which includes an office building with a height of two basements, ground floor, seven floors and annexes.
The total usable area of the property is 13,250 sqm.

"Variants that Telekom Romania Communications is considering for this transaction are the subsequent sale and lease by the company of a space in the building that will be built by the buyer of the building instead of the existing building or the simple sale of the real estate (existing land and construction)”, say the company's officials.

They say the market value of this property has been set by independent international valuers, and the winner will be "the most advantageous bidder, both in terms of price and other relevant conditions."

Recently, Telekom Romania Communications has completed the sale of another property in the same area in Bucharest, consisting of a 1,783 sqm plot of land at a price of more than 3.3 million euros.

Telekom Romania Communications has also begun administrative procedures to obtain construction authorization to carry out the consolidation of the Palace of Telephones building as part of its asset capitalization strategy. The building will be used as a workspace for the company's employees, but it also takes into account the rental of the space to potential customers on the market. (source: