The buildings are situated in Bucharest (12 properties), Timişoara (3), Ploieşti, Oradea, Constanţa (each with 2 buildings), Râmnicu Vâlcea, Sibiu and Bacău (1).


The deadline was extended in order to allow the potential buyers to prepare the asked documentation, considering the complexity of the package.


The offers can be made for the entire package of 24 properties and/or for a sub-package of 17 properties. The entire package has a total usable area of 46,500 sq. m and the starting price is approx. EUR 26.3 million (without VAT).


The sub-package of 17 properties has a total usable area of 35,100 sq. m and a starting price of EUR 21.6 million.


In 2014, Telekom Romania sold 28 of its real estate assets, obtaining EUR 11.6 million, those funds being allotted to the investments in the company’s main activity. (source: