„There are some types of business where the necessity of partitioned spaces is a priority, and the top management offices, the meeting rooms or the closed areas such as the lounge areas are very important aspects, mainly in the legal sector, where the confidentiality is one of the key points of the activity”, said Iuliana Carata, General Manager Techno Office.


On the other hand, the company’s representative says that there are also situations when an open-space office is not possible due to architectural premises. For example in the older buildings, villa type, the modification of the spaces is not a rentable variant, not representing also a condition for the companies carrying their activities in such spaces.


Apart from these aspects, the open space fit-outs, imposed by the large corporations as an immediate response to changes requested by the activities’ specifics, represent the choice of more than 90 pct. of Techno Office’s clients, the reasons of the decision being the need for collaboration and the increase of the interaction between the employees.


According to Techno Office, an open space is the ideal solution for the current generation of employees, made of young people with superior competences in using multimedia devices. Moreover, their collective energy is one of the factors which could contribute to the positive evolution of the business, offering the advantage of a fast collective reaction, as well as of an efficient and productive collaboration.


„The managerial education is an extremely important aspect in these situations. Although the notion that team managers are those who benefit from a separate office is still a cliché within companies, today the great leaders are permanently among their team, and when privacy is needed, they can retire in the spaces specially designed for temporary work”, added Iuliana Carata.


Moreover, another cliché present in a number of organisational cultures is the designation of the spaces according to the position occupied in organization chart, the dimensions of the closed offices increasing as the employee is growing professionally. According to the company’s representative, the correct allocation of premises should depend largely on the time spent at work, on the type of activity and on the level of interaction with other collaborators of the company, both at the same hierarchical level, and subordinates.


Therefore, the open-space type fit-out could satisfy the cooperation and interaction needs, contributing at the same time to a productive exchange of ideas and opinions. Such an arrangement induces the employees an engagement feeling and increases their activity.  (source: Techno Office)