The development, a modern integrated 15-minute neighbourhood in Romania’s second largest city, is set to form a new and well placed residential and business node in the city. The first phase of Silk District Offices was delivered in 2023. The Class-A office building is designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, including large multinationals and local businesses and sustainability has been a priority since the buildings were designed, and materials chosen.

‘Silk District is a testament to Prime Kapital’s commitment to deliver extraordinary projects. We focus on creating desirable workplaces, high-quality living spaces and state-of-the-art commercial spaces with a keen client and sustainability focus, by considering the impact on the environment and the wellbeing of the people who will occupy our spaces. Receipt of the highest BREEAM environmental performance rating for the first phase of our A-class office component of Silk District is but a fresh proof in this regard`, stated Mihail Vasilescu, Partner at Prime Kapital Development.

Silk District Office is the only office building in Iasi to receive the highest BREEAM sustainability rating, and with an overall score of 93,3%, it tops the ranks of office buildings in Romania. Moreover, Silk District Office achieved a perfect score for Health and Wellbeing (100 out of 100 points awarded to this criterion by the scoring methodology).

“The rigorous adoption of sustainable and innovative design principles from the initial phase of the Silk District Office project was critical to its remarkable success. The developer’s commitment to integrating these principles has allowed not only exceeding expectations, but also placing the project at the top of certification rankings in Romania. Achieving a BREEAM Outstanding certification level with a score of 93.3%, Silk District Office demonstrates how careful planning and correct implementation of BREEAM standards can lead to exceptional achievements in sustainable construction. This is clear evidence that sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation and design excellence”, states Răzvan Nica, Founder and CEO of BuildGreen,

Silk District exemplifies a forward-looking vision of a balanced work-life approach. As a mixed-use, urban regeneration project built across 10 hectares, Silk District holistically integrates architecture and extensive green space with industry leading amenities and high-quality finishes.

In addition to the office component the first two phases of the residential component of Silk District are now either complete (first phase) or very close to completion (second phase) and are becoming home to over 1,000 residents.