The premises are located in the Liberty Technology Park Cluj, occupying entirely the park’s B Building and covering more than 3000 square meters. Developing the project, from concept to execution was completely coordinated by the developer, who handed over the space as planned, on August 1st 2014.


Opening the new location required an investment of over EUR 4.5 million, which includes rent costs for the next five years, furnishing costs and the initial investment in infrastructure. This amount does not cover the expenses with future employees.


“Siemens has been present in Cluj-Napoca for over 20 years. Our relationship with the city has a long standing tradition and this is why we continuously invested in educating the young generation of engineers by partnering up with local technical universities. As of August, we make a natural step forward: we develop a new direction and we want to recruit the best engineers of the area to work for the most modern IT center of Siemens in Romania”, says George Costache, CEO of Siemens Romania.


“Siemens and Evosoft chose to open the new center in Cluj-Napoca because of the high level of education of young graduates and the convenient geographical location of the country in Europe. The Romanian market is highly competitive and we look forward to see the solutions developed by the engineers in Cluj-Napoca offered to Siemens SRL clients around the world”, explains Stephan Sonnenberg, Chief Operating Officer of evosoft GmbH.


The company has already started the hiring process in Cluj-Napoca by organizing a complex recruiting campaign. This is done via online recruitment websites, by partnering up with technical universities, via job fairs and local recruitment companies. The majority of the vacancies are for software and product developers.


Siemens has two other IT centers in Romania, in Brasov, where it hires over 300 people. The Siemens Corporate Technology division and the Siemens Industry Software company offer engineering and IT services for clients around the world, in different sectors such as Industry, Healthcare or Energy. (Source: