Under this protocol, the two institutions will cooperate to create a partnership for the development of the national economy, reads a press release. The protocol aims to support Romanian entrepreneurs by facilitating access to financing, for a balanced and fair development. The long term objective of the cooperation protocol is to increase regional competitiveness and economic and social cohesion.


The first partnership project will be to organize, in major cities of Romania, events for companies’ members of the County Chambers of Commerce and local businesses in order to promote AeRO, BVB newly launched market that will help small entrepreneurs and medium businesses eager to develop their business to attract investment through the capital market.


“The protocol with BVB marks a new stage in the strategy of the chamber system to contribute to the development of the business community. The listing of companies on the stock market means more transparency, increased capitalization, increasing the company’s visibility and reputation nationally and internationally, as well as easy access to other funding sources,” stated Aurelian Gogulescu, vice-president on representation level of the CCIR, president CCI Prahova.


“We all have to cooperate to render this country and this economy more competitive, to improve the state of the financial sector and especially the capital market. Competitiveness is one of the keywords which can change the picture of the Central Eastern Europe. Our goal is to improve domestic market and then to build our presence on international scene,” stated Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB CEO.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania has over 12,000 member companies, and the highest share is represented by the trade and tourism companies, industry, as well as services. (Source: business-review.eu)