Under the new law, the maximum age of 35 years as a condition is removed, in order to enable all persons, regardless of age, to have access to incentives. In addition, the law stipulates the exemption from social security contributions payable by employers for the income earned by no more than four employees, hired for an indefinite period, as well as exemption from fees for registration operations conducted at the Trade Register Offices.


'We removed the restriction of age for the beginner entrepreneurs. Encouraging the local entrepreneurs is not only a promise, but also a duty of the current government, a direct means to support the economic development,' Minister-delegate for SMEs, Business Milieu and Tourism, Florin Jianu said.


The Department for SMEs, Business Milieu and Tourism may provide the entrepreneur with a non-refundable financial allowance accounting for no more than 50 percent and no more than 10,000 Euros (the equivalent in RON) of the total value of eligible expenditures of the business plan for which the entrepreneur comes with the proof of the co-funding sources.


Over 2011 - 2014, the average annual number of beneficiaries of non-refundable financial allocations worth 10,000 euros was 500 small enterprises. In the same period, 14,000 newly established small enterprises have benefited from tax incentives given under Emergency Ordinance no. 6/2011. (sursa: actmedia.ro)